Christian Meetings Series
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Christian Meetings Series
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Group Dynamics

Design TeamThis Christian meetings series challenges a group of lay people with the question, "What does it means to be a Christian?" The wider membership is invited to attend these meetings to talk about their faith. Those churches who have used this particular home meetings series have found that participants enjoy it and are blessed in their own Christian walks. This series seeks to stimulate conversation and interest in the congregation and some previously nominal members will become more committed. The course of preparatory study includes


Group DynamicsThese Christian meetings will normally take place over two weeks. They should be well advertised and every member phoned and asked to participate. Individual home meetings can be located in a different part of the parish, on various days, times and aimed at specific age groups whether youth, seniors, homemakers or business people. After the Christian Meetings Series, the steering group will meet to assess the results of the campaign and to plan a future follow-up strategy.

"Christian Meetings Series"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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