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Home Meeting Seminar
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Members Outside ChurchA Series of practical home meeting seminars for the members of a Church helps Christians to share a personal Jesus and culminates in a community, led and run by lay people. There are many people who belong nominally to the church and keep their name or family on the membership roll but who do not worship every Sunday or ever take part in the internal workings of the congregation. These are the initial target of these home meeting seminars.

Using Core Members

Large Question MarkThe actual group of committed Christians in many congregations is only a small part of the total membership. With this in mind, home meeting seminars and training sessions have been devised to reach this wider group of members. This course is supported by two leaflets: The Big Question and "Group Dynamics." These leaflets can be used to stimulate conversation, to encourage new ideas, and to provide a framework for a lively discussion on the nature of the Christian Faith in the home meeting seminars.

"Home Meeting Seminar"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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