Diagnostic Clinic Seminar
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Diagnostic Clinic Seminar
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Church Growth

Woodland StreamThis Diagnostic Clinic Seminar is designed to help us understand the meaning of church growth and evangelism. The seminar produces three documents

1) Church Growth History

2) Worker Analysis

3) Community Setting.

These are required to set growth goals for the congregation extending out ten years.

Analysis of Church Resources

The Diagnostic Clinic is based on the Fuller Theological Seminary model and adjusted for ministry in Canada. The clinic takes a church's leadership team through the basic church growth principles, the diseases limiting its ministry, the church's recent history, her people resources and its community potential. A plan is then developed to ensure continued future growth. It has been used successfully by myself with over 30 congregations in a Canadian setting.


Diagnostic ClinicStep 1 takes place eight weeks prior to the Diagnostic Clinic. This begins with the formation of a steering group of all ages with leadership skills as a cross section of the congregation.
Step 2 occurs six weeks prior to the Clinic. The production of two study documents from local sources is
Step 3 three weeks prior to the seminar. The steering group conducts an unannounced survey of age/sex at an average Sunday morning service for reference purposes.

Study Materials

Congregation in ChurchThe steering group initiates a study and discussion of the three prepared documents "Church Growth History," "Worker Strength" and "Community Setting" and from them is able to discover the diseases hindering growth. Members of the congregation fill out a personal questionnaire, there is a group consensus gathering and some goal setting. The steering group meets to assess the effectiveness of the clinic and to act on congregational goals, implement changes and programs. There is a follow up after a year

"Diagnostic Clinic Seminar"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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