Revelation Daily Devotions
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Bible Study Group (Introduction 4)

One Thought a Day

Holy Bible PageIn this eBook of Revelation Now daily devotions, we provide just one thought on a Bible passage for reflection each day. This can be used as a "primer, a source of encouragement or a starter for thought for a Christian during a busy working day." These devotions for prayer, worship or other religious activity will purposely not provide every detail on every subject but will leave room for more information, study and inspiration at another time and place. Each daily thought is purposely short, confined to one page and specific in order to accommodate busy people with hectic schedules, like you!

Devotions for Prayer

Bible and the WorldThe progressive Bible passages for study are highlighted in yellow at the top of each page and are normally presented in the "New International Version" of the Bible. This version called the NIV is a completely original translation of the Bible by over a hundred modern scholars working from the best Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. It was prepared in 1966 by an inter-denominational and international group. The latest updates were made in 2011. It is considered by most scholars to be the best and most accurate translation available. It is easy to understand and clear. Others versions may be equally helpful to you however and newer updates are coming out all the time. It is always good to compare the different versions of the Scriptures.✞

Daily Encouragement

Bible Study GroupThe devotional material following the Biblical text is accompanied by photographs to illustrate some of the places and sometimes objects referred to in the text. These devotions can be read as "an early morning meditation, a family thought at breakfast or a focus as you commute to work. In a more formal setting, they can be a basis for a group Bible study, or as a sermon series for a preacher or even a devotional thought at bedtime."

Refreshing Inspiration

ipadThese Bible studies may also be used as a series for Lenten or Advent Devotions viewed on a laptop or PC or projected on to a screen in a hall or home. In a small screen format, the daily devotions are rendered for the iPhone 4,5 and 6, Galaxy, Lumia and Kindle, i-pad, i-pod, Blackberry, and most other mobile phones or devices as they are developed or on the full page of any computer and laptop on the internet. Whenever or wherever these studies are used, they will help provide you and your Christian friends with spiritual refreshment and inspiration. Pray over them, reflect on each day's thought and apply them to your own lives. May this be a challenging and modern way to bring Jesus into your life, your home, your family and your job. "Let the reader strive and let God be glorified."

"Revelation Daily Devotions"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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