Revelation Lamb
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Revelation Lamb
(Revelation 17.13)
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"They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast." (Revelation 17.13)✞

Domitian as Antichrist

Domitian and the Revelation Lamb of GodJohn of Patmos wrote during the rule of the Emperor Domitian but may have dictated the Book of Revelation and projected himself back into the time of Vespasian to trace in retrospect the terrible times gone by. John probably saw in Domitian the reincarnation of Nero, the supreme embodiment of Roman wickedness and defiance to God. He therefore identified Domitian with the Antichrist who battled with the Revelation Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ. The ten horns are thought to be a reference to the ten kings who have not yet received their power. They will receive it, and when they do, they will unanimously agree to hand over their own power to the beast, and with him they will rise with the harlot and make war with the Revelation Lamb and finally be defeated by him. We read that these world powers war with the "Revelation Lamb of God" but the Lamb destroys them. Those who are called are chosen and share in the victory of the Lamb. One of the great concepts of Jewish thought was that the saints and the martyrs would one day share in God's final triumph. In the Wisdom of Solomon there is the same promise to those who have lived and suffered and died for God.✞

"Revelation Lamb"
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