High Priest Jesus
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High Priest Jesus
(Revelation 1.13)
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"and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest." (Revelation 1.13)

Long White Robe

Jewels Used in the Breast PlateFlavius Josephus (37-100 AD) also known as "Josephus" was a Roman Jew who was very gifted as a historian and scholar. He was born in Jerusalem of a priestly family and described in "The Antiquities of the Jews 3.7.2,4" the High Priest's clothing in the Jerusalem Temple before its destruction in 70 AD. He wrote, "This High Priestly vestment reaches down to the feet, and sits close to the body and has sleeves that are tied fast to the arms. It is girded to the breast a little above the elbows, by a girdle often going round, four fingers broad, but so loosely woven, that you would think it were the skin of a serpent."

Priestly Work

The Son of ManThe girdle was described by Josephus as "embroidered with flowers of scarlet, and purple, and blue, and fine twined linen, but the warp was nothing but fine linen. Its wrapping began at the breast and when it had gone round often, it was tied. The white robe hung loosely down to the ankles." Jesus was the High Priest "par excellence."

Prophecy of Daniel

His title, "the son of man," was from the Old Testament prophecy of Daniel whose name meant "God is my Judge" and referred to his humanity and his earthly ministry. The Son of Man was the title Jesus used exclusively for himself during his time on earth. Jesus took a seemingly vague title, "the Son of Man" meaning simply "a human being" from the Old Testament and injected it with new meaning. Even in the heavenly places, Jesus was still carrying on his High Priestly work, opening the way for all peoples to come into the presence of Almighty God.

"High Priest Jesus"
by Ron Meacock

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