Lord's Glory Tent
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Lord's Glory Tent
(Revelation 7.15-16)
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"Therefore, 'they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple; and he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence. Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat down on them, nor any scorching heat.'" (Revelation 7.15-16)✞

Word Became Flesh

canvas tentThere is more to "He who sits upon the throne will spread his tent over them." than meets the eye. This is a correct translation as the Greek for "to dwell" is "skenoun", from "skene" which means "a tent" that is the Lord's tent or Tabernacle. Furthermore, the Hebrew for this word means "a residence" or "a dwelling place" and is the same word used in John 1.14 "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." John of Patmos was saying that God became a human being and "dwelt" or "made his residence" among human beings. Because of this the Christian can know the actual presence of God in the person of Jesus dwelling within them! AMAZING!


Tabernacle of the LordThe Jews always connected "skene" which meant "tent" with another Hebrew word meaning "dwelling". This word was "shechinah" which was sometimes written as "shekinar" or "schechinah" and indicated the actual visible presence of the glory of God. Usually this presence took the form of a luminous cloud by day and a column of fire at night, but here it meant the "Lord's glory tent."

Glory of the Lord

Jesus Coming in gloryWhen the Ten Commandments were given on Mount Sinai in Exodus 24.16-17 we read, "the glory of the Lord settled on Mount Sinai. For six days the cloud covered the mountain, and on the seventh day the Lord called to Moses from within the cloud. To the Israelites the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain." Mount Sinai literally meant "the Moses mountain" and was also known as "Mount Horeb" or "Jebel Musa" in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It was a moderate 7,497 foot high peak surrounded by higher peaks in the same range.✞

"Lord's Glory Tent"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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