Revelation's Apocalypse Lord
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Revelation's Apocalypse Lord
(Revelation 1.1a)
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"The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place." (Revelation 1.1a)

Every Detail

Finger of GodThe Revelation apocalyptic vision of John of Patmos is in many respects fantastic and indescribable, therefore John presents them in terms and picture language that people of his day could understand. "Apocalypse" means "unveiling" or "disclosing" and the future Jesus is therefore unveiled. We see him not as the preacher of Galilee or even as the Savior on the Cross but as the Lord of the Universe, the great "I am." When imagining these scenes in our minds, we don't have to understand every detail, we only need to allow the Revelation word pictures of the Apocalypse Lord to flow over us. Everything points us to Christ in Revelation. He was and is the glorious, victorious Lord of all and is seen as full of both love and justice.

Love and Justice

Jesus FaceThe message of "Revelation" is of Jesus' tremendous love, power, and justice. At the appointed time, the risen and ascended Lord will burst on to the world stage. Everyone will then know that he is the Lord of the Universe! Those who love him will greet him with songs of praise. Those who don't would rather not be there!

"Revelation's Apocalypse Lord"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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