Jesus Revelation Testament
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Jesus Revelation Testament
(Revelation 1.1a)
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"The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place." (Revelation 1.1a)

Soon Take Place

Prophet Ezekiel Sistine ChapelThe Jews included many books in their Canon called "Apocalypses" which were visions of the dreadful end times and also of the blessedness to come. These Revelations were intended to show God's servants what would soon take place. "The Book of Revelation" belonged to this class of literature and had parallels in the Old Testament in Ezekiel and Daniel. Revelation was a development of these however in that it was focused upon Jesus revelation testament.

Spirit Brings Insight

Alpha and Omega WindowMany apocalyptic books were wild and unintelligible, for they tried to describe the indescribable. The very subject with which Revelation deals is the reason why it is sometimes so hard to understand. Jesus Revelation began with God, the fountain of all truth. Every truth which human beings have discovered, whether scientific, medical or otherwise, was a gift from God. People never created the truth, they received it from God. This reception came from diligently seeking and from reverently waiting for it.

"Jesus Revelation Testament"
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