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Live Best Life
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Jesus Cross

Empty tombWhen Jesus died on the Cross and said, "It is finished" this was not a cry of defeat, a sort of "I've had it!" No, it was a cry of victory, "I've done it! The debt of sin is paid." The way back to God is now open. His work of saving you from hell and eternal destruction is finished. The barrier of sin has been blasted away. Jesus died for us, his body was placed in the tomb and a heavy stone pushed across the entrance. But he rose from the grave and today he is alive. He won the victory over sin and death. The way to God is now wide open and you can live the best life possible in Jesus.✞

Easy Going Existance?

JesusDo you want to live an easy-going, "do-as-you-like" existence? Then don't read any further. Carry on just as you are and don't bother about Christ. But remember that one day you will realize too late that you have missed the opportunity to live the very best life possible, instead of wasting your life and ruining your own soul. To live without Christ is to die without him. To die without him is to spend eternity without him.

Too Late?

Roadway curving aheadBut if you want a live the transformed life and one that satisfies, that has purpose and meaning, a life that demands the very best in you and, above all, a life that is pleasing to God, this is what God requires of you. Forgiveness and eternal life are not automatic, you have a part to play.

"Live Best Life"
by N. L. Warren permission
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