Failed Human Standards
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Failed Human Standards
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Honest With Ourselves

CrossroadsEvil, wrong and sin are present in the life of everyone born into the world. We see this in all the hatred and violence, greed and selfishness around us. We see this as we look at our own lives, if we are really honest with ourselves we know that we have failed human standards. It is part of our very nature. I sin when I come short of God's standard. Romans 3.23 tells us "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

Pass Fail

Pass or Fail FacesSuppose the pass mark for an exam is fifty percent. If you get forty nine you have failed. If someone else gets five marks he or she has also failed. It is no good saying, "I did much better than the one who got five." You have both failed. You may think you are not so bad, better than most. But that's not the point, for not one of us has come anywhere near God's perfect standard which is found only in the person of Jesus Christ. We can't even come up to God's standards. We may not have done anything especially wicked. We are sinners because we are just not good enough.

"Failed Human Standards"
by N. L. Warren permission
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