Glory Index Sixth
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Glory Index Sixth
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Prebendary Wilson Carlile

Prebendary Wilson CarlileCaptain Ray Lewis traveled to South Africa which is now the southernmost sovereign state in Africa but during a time of racial tension to encourage the church there. Eventually, he returned to Britain to meet the founder of the Church Army, Prebendary Wilson Carlile (1847-1942 AD) and to engage in mission work with English and Irish colleagues in Britain. Wilson was converted after reading a little pamphlet and later wrote, "I have seen the crucified and risen Lord as truly as if he had made himself visible to my bodily sight. That is for me the conclusive evidence of His existence. He touched my heart, and old desires and hopes left it. In their place came the new thought that I might serve him and his poor and suffering brethren."

Chapter Seven
"South African Tension"

African Racial Tension
Page 100
America Christians Care
Page 101
Catechist James Kalauma
Page 102
South West Africa
Page 103
Damaraland Doors Open
Page 104
James Kalauma Handicap
Page 105
Gospel Song Books
Page 106
Cape Town George
Page 107

Chapter Eight
"English Colleagues"

Meeting Wilson Carlile
Page 108
Archbishop Lang Meeting
Page 109
Wilson Carlile's Monument
Page 110
Hyde Park Meeting
Page 111
Festival Hall Rally
Page 112
Church Army Trek
Page 113
Rich Papal Vestments
Page 114
Chester Jail Cell
Page 115
England Christian Work
Page 116
Liverpool's Hope Street
Page 117
Liverpool Rescue Mission
Page 118
Christ's Working Glory
Page 119
Amsterdam Drug HippiesPage 120
Blackpool Seaside Mission
Page 121
Holy Ghost Healing
Page 122
King George's Flag
Page 123

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