Glory Index Five
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Glory Index Five
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Chief Running Horse

Church Army VanThis chapter tells of Captain Ray's work on the Sioux reservations as Honorary Chief Running Horse of the Sioux nation. It is also the story of Queen Victoria and the child and the work on Lower Bulle Fort Thompson reservation.

Chapter Six
Sioux Brothers

Sister Daisy Martin
Page 85
Sioux Native Brothers
Page 86
Sioux Native Recruits
Page 87
Sioux Brothers
Page 88
Friendly Sioux Colleagues
Page 89
Sioux Indian Church
Page 90
Queen Victoria Child
Page 91
Meeting Sioux Natives
Page 92
Porcupine Outdoor Witness
Page 93
Chief Running Horse
Page 94
Born Again Sioux
Page 95
Standing Rock Reservation
Page 96
Full Blooded Sioux
Page 97
Great Spirit Appeal
Page 98
Lower Bulle Fort Thompson
Page 99

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