Glory Index Four
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Glory Index Four
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Church Army Lompoc

Church Army VanCaptain Ray Lewis serves in prison work in California then in parishes in Church Army in Lompoc, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In Vegas, he enjoyed a jackpot night, as well as ministry at St Columba's Camarillo and St Mary's Lompoc.

Chapter Five
"California Prison Trophy"

Angeles County Jail
Page 55
Brawley Prayer Trophy
Page 56
Brawley Church California
Page 57
Brawley Elks Lodge
Page 58
Elks Doctor Philosophy
Page 59
Bitter Lemon Grove
Page 60
Funeral Hall Church
Page 61
Camarillo Hall Service
Page 62
Camarillo Ground Breaking
Page 63
Columba's Church Camarillo
Page 64
Episcopal Church Lompoc
Page 65
Saint Mary's Lompoc
Page 66
St.Mary's Vicarage Lompoc
Page 67
Lompoc Church Dinner
Page 68
Lompoc Church Revival
Page 69
Colton Church Procession
Page 70
Colton Parish March
Page 71
Poway Powerhouse Meetings
Page 72
Power House Church
Page 73
Holy Spirit Gifts
Page 74
Holy Spirit Blessing
Page 75
Rubber Sole Prank
Page 76
Jesus Saves Soles
Page 77
Grapes Wrath Country
Page 78
Mexican Social
Page 79
Calexico Youth Camp
Page 80
Vegas Jackpot Night
Page 81
Holy Love Jackpot
Page 82
Little Cross Church
Page 83
Angeles Happy Christmas
Page 84

"Glory Index Four"
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