Glory Index Three
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Glory Index Three
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Protestant Swedenborgian Church

Captain Ray LewisHere Captain Ray is involved in a Church Army "send off" from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and a colorful ministry in Kansas, Holy Ghost action, the Protestant Swedenborgian Church and the Kansas church rags.

Chapter Three
"Pittsburg Send Off"

Pittsburgh Cathedral Send-Off
Page 33
Side Street Church
Page 34
Pittsburg Church Challenge
Page 35
Processional Cross Evangelism
Page 36
Holy Ghost Action
Page 37
Bible Ghost Stories
Page 38
Eleanor's Sewing Ministry
Page 39
Bishop Hobson Bed-Bugs
Page 40
Kentucky Mountain Camp
Page 41
Foot Washing Ceremony
Page 42

Chapter Four

Snow Covered Bed
Page 43
Father Bob's Newspaper
Page 44
Basement Apartment Heaven
Page 45
Protestant Swedenborgian Church
Page 46
Smoke House Pratt
Page 47
Pratt Dinner
Page 48
Burger Dinner Joke
Page 49
Steak Dinner
Page 50
Runaway Returns Home
Page 51
Hutchinson Kansas Home
Page 52
Hutchinson Rough Boys
Page 53
Kansas Church Rags
Page 54

"Glory Index Three"
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