Glory Index Second
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Glory Index Second
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Captain Ray LewisCaptain Ray's ministry over fifty years covered many States and a number of other countries around the world. Enjoy the "glory" that Captain Ray discovered and shared in his life ministry. Enjoy Ray's story of his work and the charming times in the Hill Billy communities of West Virginia.

Chapter Two
"Virginia Days"

Virginia Fiddle Dance
Page 22
Schuyler Satan Ambassador
Page 23
Walton Family Virginia
Page 24
Virginia Chicken Dinner
Page 25
Hillbilly Country Boys
Page 26
Bootlegger Valley Baptism
Page 27
Saint Elizabeth House
Page 28
Hattie's Indian Treasures
Page 29
Open Jail Doors
Page 30
Longview Snake Charmer
Page 31
Holy Roller Country
Page 32

"Glory Index Second"
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