King George's Flag
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King George's Flag
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Buckingham Palace Experience

King's FlagThe 'Holy Go' had started me talking about God's love one day many years ago. I deliberately opened my heart's door and let Jesus come in. He changed me and I had to talk about it! There is a story about an American tourist in London during King George the Sixth's reign who was standing outside Buckingham Palace hoping to catch a glimpse of King George or the royal family. After waiting a while, he turned to his neighbor in the crowd and asked, "Will we see King George today, do you think?" Pointing toward the Palace, this person replied, "Do you see that royal ensign flag? Well, when the royal ensign is flying, you know that King George is in residence."

Royal Ensign Flag

Even after this American had returned home, he thought a lot about these words. One day a great truth dawned. "Joy is the flag we fly from the castle of our lives, when Christ the king makes his home there! Being a Christian makes living a glorious adventure - King Jesus is living in!"

"King George's Flag"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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