Holy Ghost Healing
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On Blackpool's Golden Mile 122

Listener Healed by Christ

Blackpool Golden MileOn Blackpool's Golden Mile, other people came day after day to our stand without any apparent response. One middle-aged couple listened in regularly and obviously enjoyed the singing, but only the lady spoke of any real faith in Christ. Furthermore, her husband had an illness that made his hands shake so badly that he couldn't manage to shave himself. "I'm happy to allow my wife to be the spiritual one!" he used to say. On the last afternoon of their holidays, this couple were talking to Captain Ken Weaver and before they left to catch their train home prayed with Ken and me. To our surprise, however, they appeared again at our evening open air meeting on the steps of the Methodist Church behind the Blackpool Tower. The husband was clean shaven this time and not shaking at all! "After you and Ken had prayed for us," he said joyfully, "I asked Christ into my life and he has healed me!"This one individual had learned in a wonderful way of the Holy Ghost healing. He transforms and also gives us power to witness for Him.

The Holy Go!

Holy Spirit like a doveA bishop while taking a confirmation unearthed this secret by accident one day. Before the service, he decided to test the candidates with a few questions and asked, "Who is the third person of the Trinity?" One young person, who was obviously eager to please the bishop, yelled enthusiastically, "The Holy Go!" The old man paused in thought and then answered, "You are so right, we have the 'Holy Go' when the Holy Ghost is within us! The Holy Go is responsible for sending men and women out as his travelers to tell others of Jesus, the mighty savior."

"Holy Ghost Healing"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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