Amsterdam Drug Hippies
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Amsterdam Drug Hippies
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Captain John Morson

AmsterdamSome four years later, Captain Ray came across some Amsterdam drug hippies who were dead inside and desperately needed God's glory. It was about midnight in the red light district of the city that was then notorious for its drug abuse and vice. House barges, decorated in different colors, bobbed up and down along the canal side. As I strolled, prostitutes who were sitting in the shop windows opposite, trying to entice customers including us inside.

Glimmer of Hope

Dutch ChildCaptain John Morson had been visiting an American family on a houseboat. One of the hippies, high on drugs, interrupted him with his stumbling entry. "He had the terrifying idea that his body was separating into different parts," John told me later. "To assure him he was still in one piece I had to stand and keep on hugging him for about four hours until the drug eventually wore off!" Looking up from this cradle of humanity at its worst, we saw a glimmer of hope flickering high in the sky. From the top of a tall building in the distance a giant neon sign blinked out in glowing red letters "GOD IS LOVE." He was!✞

God Touches Lives

TattooIt's amazing how God touches the lives of individual people everywhere. One hot summer's day, I was working again with Church Army on the North West coast of England in an outdoor witness. A villainous looking tough in his early twenties strolled forward and sat on the sand directly in front of me. As our team enthusiastically talked about their faith from the stand, he drank in every word.

Satan is Out!

Laughing JesusThe meeting almost over, the speaker challenged those in the crowd to stretch out a hand if they meant business with God and wanted to receive a Gospel. As this young chap reached out, the words "Satan is my god" appeared on both arms. While he was reading this booklet later, another Christian of his own age went across and spoke to him. "This is wonderful!" I overheard him reply. Later I congratulated him too and he said, "Listen, these words are coming off, Satan is out! Jesus is now my God."

"Amsterdam Drug Hippies"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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