Hope Street Liverpool
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Hope Street Liverpool
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Weaver Visited Seamen

Liverpool docklandFrom this coal mining town in Northern England my next destination was the port of Liverpool. The city was still clearing away after the bombing of the Second World War, but on the hilltop stood two large cathedrals built in modern times. In this city, Protestant and Catholic have so often clashed. Ironically, the soaring Roman Catholic concrete tower stands at one end, and the majestic traditional Anglican building at the other end of an avenue called "Hope Street." Its name perhaps enshrines a future dream.

Visiting Ships

In the city's docks, Captain Ken Weaver visited seamen on ships from many countries to share with them his own hope and trust in Jesus Christ. I went aboard several vessels. One was from India but only a few of the sailors understood any English. Loaded with literature, a record player and records in many languages, we clambered up a rope ladder. We then sought out an Officer for permission to visit the men. Initially, they viewed us with suspicion. When they heard in their own Indian dialect a Bible reading backed by traditional melodies on record, their faces lit up. They excitedly clamored to hear "a little bit of home."

"Hope Street Liverpool"
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