Church Army Trek
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Church Army Trek
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Northern Ireland

Trek Cart (Boy Scouts Similar)Captains Paterson, Clarke and Steward vividly displayed the qualities of perseverance and faith on an exhilarating walking trek I joined in Northern Ireland. After an early service of holy Communion in Portadown in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, we loaded our green Church Army trek cart. Hitching the strongest team member to the front, we started the two great wheels rolling on the long march to the next village. A jovial Captain Paterson who was much shorter than the rest kept pace with a faltering trot!✞

Santo Spirito

Banko de Santo SpiritoWhen this Church Army trek in Ireland had finished, I visited Italy for a holiday. Upon my arrival in Rome, the first thing to catch my eye at the airport was an unusual sign outside a Bank. It read "Banko de Santo Spirito" or the Bank of the Holy Spirit! It had been founded in 1605 AD by Pope Paul V. My initial amusement, however, increased to blessing as I realized the hidden significance in these words. From his treasury, the Holy Spirit means every Christian to draw out a wealth of heavenly currency of love, joy and peace. God means the Christian life to be like that!✞

"Church Army Trek"
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