Hyde Park Meeting
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Hyde Park Meeting
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Church Army Officer

A Hyde Park meeting with Wilson Carlile excited me all those years ago then a young English Church Army officer excited me further. He too was enthusiastic about this Hyde Park meeting and then added sadly, "Oh, yes, but there is so much sin here!" We both fell silent, but his words started me thinking. The American Church Army I recalled, had chosen John the Baptist as its Patron Saint for a very special reason. The heart of his message had been "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." That meeting in Hyde Park had really brought that fact home.

The Lamb of God

St Martins Church CanterburyHow easy it is to forget that the reason Jesus came was to bear our sins. History seemed to permeate the English countryside, no matter where I went. I knelt for communion at the fifteen hundred years old St. Martin's Church in Canterbury. Christians had worshiped here since St. Augustine's day. It reminded me of the saying, "To be numbered with all thy Saints." In those awe inspiring moments in that lovely place, I remembered loved ones far away whom I missed so much.

"Hyde Park Meeting"
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