Archbishop Lang Meeting
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Archbishop Lang Meeting
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American Church Army

Wilson CarlileAs I rose to leave the office of Wilson Carlile, he grasped my hand and with a characteristic sparkle in his eye gave me a final command. "Keep one eye on the lord, and the other on the lost!" This first memorable encounter in England in 1938 fired me with a vision for a lifetime's ministry that blasted my own measly four-year contract into oblivion. "Was this the real reason the American Church Army had dispatched me to London?" I asked myself.

Photo with the Archbishop

Archbishop LangThe Founder's visit invigorated me. I then went to Lambeth Palace for a meeting with Archbishop Lang, accompanied by Captain Frank Mountford and Sister Florence Sullivan of the American Church Army Society. Frank had a good measure of the Founder's spirit himself and after meeting Archbishop Lang asked to photograph him. At first, the Archbishop brushed off the suggestion but when the determined Yorkshire man persisted he cautiously asked, "You're not going to use this for publicity, are you?" "Oh, you naughty man!" the Captain retorted. "To think we would do that!" Reluctantly, the Archbishop allowed him to take the photograph!

"Archbishop Lang Meeting"
by Ron Meacock © 2016

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