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Gospel Song Books
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Cape Town Bible

Meanwhile in Cape Town, Christ was bringing other young people to faith in himself, but in a most unusual way and by a most unorthodox teacher. I first met George in a Cape town Bible Shop while ordering some Gospel Song books for an Anglican church. Readers knew him all over the world as an editor of the Cape town News. Although a total stranger to me, George came straight across on hearing my order and said, "You must be off your rocker! Ordering such song books for an Episcopalian church!"

George's Discipline

We quickly struck up a friendship. When he discovered I was staying in a nearby hotel, he told me, "You have no right to stay there! Brother, you are to be my personal guest while you are here!" So, I stayed in George's beautiful home and soon realized that he was personally responsible for reclaiming hundreds of teenaged boy's lives. Usually George began his interview of a young person by asking the same unusual question, "Have you ever had a good beating?"

"Gospel Song Books"
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