South West Africa
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South West Africa
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Future Doubts

After only two months in South West Africa, the government did not renew my visa. I had to return to the States. The Church Army raised future doubts about the of work in South West Africa. Another problem I personally had to face on returning home so quickly was what people thought of me. So many friends had sent me off so wonderfully to Africa, I hardly dared face them! "What could I say?" Then, a comforting letter arrived from a long time friend named Dale Connor. "I would not worry what people will think when you return, Ray" he wrote. All of us have the problem that very often things don't turn out as we plan them. People understand, then quickly forget. Together our plans will become clear and the direction you are seeking will come from God. Trust Him, my friend, as you have taught me and so many others to do.

Letter from James

Soon after I arrived home, I was for a time guest in one place that had given me a tremendous farewell when I left for Africa. Most of the church people, if a little surprised to see me back, were very gracious. They said, "Well, it is good to see you again!" My other great concern was how not to discourage my friend and colleague, James Kalauma, who was then at the Church Army College in Kenya. I had written to tell him my reasons for remaining in America, and was relieved to receive his reply. "Dear friend in Christ, I believe that this is God's own will. We are blessed because the Lord does not allow us to make mistakes. He is always showing us the right way to do his work. Praise Him for guiding! I am still praying that God will bring you back to South West Africa in His own right time. Your brother, James."

"South West Africa"
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