James Kalauma
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James Kalauma's Story
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Bishop of Damaraland

Damaraland girlCatechist James Kalauma had told me stories about his father's four wives, and the pagan home he grew up in. His confirmation had been a crucial point in his life. "My friends severely shook my family beliefs at my confirmation," he told me. They had jibed, "You seem no different from before!" Jarred by this criticism, he prayed that night for forgiveness and received a wonderful experience of new life in God. Later, James became our first Church Army officer from Namibia. After training in Nairobi, Kenya, he flew to America and despite the odds against one with an eighth grade schooling, successfully completed an MA degree. Returning home, the church ordained him and in 1978 the wonderful news of his election as the Bishop of Damaraland came through.

Bishop in Luderitz

Group of Bishops in Copes and MitresI wondered whether God had brought me to South Africa, so that I might help this one man flower in his ministry? What a glorious God, who works across many thousands of miles to fulfill his will for you and I! Sometimes Bishop Mize sent me out on preaching missions alone, but on others the Bishop came too. At one evening service in Luderitz, he sat directly behind me in the sanctuary as I finished addressing the congregation plus a large group of children at the front. As I sat down, the Bishop stood up from his throne and strode forward resplendent in cope and mitre to the front of the church. Rapping his staff on the hard floor to make his point he told us "Everything the captain has said about the Christian faith is true! Believe it! Follow it!" With each crack of the steel tip the children's eyes almost popped out of their heads!

"James Kalauma's Story"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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