American Christians Care
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American Christians Care
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Catechist James Kalauma

There was the difficult color problem. I wanted to hold a service on a location for the workers' families but discovered that I had to have a pass from the Police stating how long I intended staying and what I planned to do. Security men lurked everywhere. Queues of workers lined up for a humiliating x-ray search of their persons before they could leave town. I didn't mind the humiliation for the privilege of meeting with the five native and one white congregation there. Wherever I preached, the interpreter invariably embarrassed me by telling me that the people had said, "Your presence assures us that Christians in America care."

Prodigal Son

One evening, several hundred men gathered in a big tin recreation hut in town. As I preached, catechist James Kalauma, a cheerful twenty years old translated by my side. When I finished, he too gave a message in his own tongue. Everyone hung on his every word. From his action, he was retelling the story of the Prodigal Son. I was the only white man there, and hardly understood a word, but his message came through to me loud and clear. Afterwards I just had to shake his hand in appreciation and admiration. Catechist James Kalauma had, I sensed, a great future.✞

"American Christians Care"
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