Bulle Fort Thompson
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Bulle Fort Thompson
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Inter Church Blessing

Street Sign Fort ThompsonOn the Lower Bulle Fort Thompson Reservation, we looked and hoped for a positive inter church blessing in October 1972. The Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Presbyterian congregations there had decided to join together for a Gospel Revival in the spacious Tribal Halls. The clergy and I worked as a team with amusing consequences. A Roman Catholic Priest and I went out visiting together. If we thought it was a Protestant home I would introduce him. If a Catholic one, he would say "This is Captain Lewis, we're having a mission together!"

Come to Jesus

Confirmation Fort ThompsonEach denomination made its own particular contribution. The Roman Catholic nuns sang Gospel songs with a guitar accompaniment. Our Episcopal choir led the hymn singing and we all took turns to read, preach, and lead the meetings each day. The Rev Arm Clementine, the Roman Catholic Priest, invited us to a time of prayer and blessing. He surprised us all by walking up and down the aisle showing everyone a picture called "Come to Jesus." One of those who came forward to the rail and knelt for blessing was the Roman Catholic mother of the Priest, who was visiting from Ireland. Afterwards the team blessed each other. I naturally stayed in the body of the Church. As I hesitated, the Roman Catholic Priest, a man of great humility, came and knelt before me. "I need the blessing from you," he told me. We were both blessed on the Lower Bulle Fort Thompson Reservation that day.

"Bulle Fort Thompson"
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