Great Spirit Appeal
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Great Spirit Appeal
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The End of the Trail

Great Spirit AppealOne day, George Pierce and I traveled together from the Parkway Pine Reservation. We talked about our upcoming ministry to over seven hundred boys at the very fashionable Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia. To help illustrate my address from the pulpit in the Chapel, I held up two well-known pictures of first nations warriors. The first one showed a warrior on horseback against the setting sun with his head dejectedly bowed to his chest. This was called "The End of the Trail." In marked contrast, the second picture portrayed another Chief, this time with his hands triumphantly stretched upwards toward the heavens called "the Great Spirit Appeal."

Holy Spirit

End of the TrailAs I showed both pictures to the students, I explained what they meant. The Sioux have not only perceived the Great Spirit creator of the universe but also the Holy Spirit revealed to the Church in New Testament times. To the boys' surprise I then ordered, "Stand up everyone." Raise your hands high to the heavens like this native Chief and in honor of the Holy Spirit shout, "Praise God!" When they did, I called out "Say it again!" The tumultuous cry came back "Praise God!" Leaving the pulpit, I heard the Chaplain whispering to himself in amazement. "They did it! They did it!" Apparently he had been trying to encourage them without success to reply at Easter time with the response "The Lord is risen!"

"Great Spirit Appeal"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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