Born Again Sioux
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Born Again Sioux
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Holy Spirit

The Appeal to the Great SpiritAware of my new native status, I went from the Standing Rock Reservation to join the team ministry on Pine Lodge Reservation led by the Rev. George Pierce. My greatest desire in those days was that the church should know an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. George felt the same way too but the people showed no interest at all. A few months later, while on a long journey the solution was to dawn dramatically upon us. I was driving at the time and George was praying about the work as we went along. Suddenly, George burst into tongues and equally clearly and repeatedly the interpretation of his words came to me. "Your message must be, You must be born again, cleansed by the blood of Christ. You must be born again, cleansed by the blood of Christ"

Holy Spirit Baptism

How wrong we had been wanting the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the Sioux people! Our message had to be, "You must be born again." We knew then that God would send others to follow us and build on that foundation of the born again Sioux. The bishop visited the different congregations for our farewell celebrations. A leading Sioux lay member spoke for the native people. "When a new man is sent to be our Pastor," he said, "all we ask of you is that you make sure he is born again!" The bishop, a man of deep compassion and concern for his people, gladly agreed to this one condition.✞

"Born Again Sioux"
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