Porcupine Outdoor Witness
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Porcupine Outdoor Witness
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Sioux People Blessed

The End of the TrailAfter speaking out boldly, our Porcupine outdoor witness always ended with the opportunity for listeners in the crowd to ask prayer either for themselves or for others. Some confessed their sins right there on the street and were assured that God loved and forgave them. Others asked for a breakthrough over some burdensome temptation in their lives. For many, their beginning in life was made so much more meaningful by our Porcupine outdoor witness.


Those who responded to the message received a warm welcome from the large group of Sioux natives who already attended St. Matthew's Church in the City. Sometime afterwards, Bishop Gessner duly commissioned a number of new cadets on that mission at the Reservation. After one year's training some became lieutenants for a single Diocese only, others were commissioned after three years training as Captains.✞

"Porcupine Outdoor Witness"
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