Sioux Natives Witness
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Sioux Natives Witness
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Dakotan Main Street

Sioux DancerMeeting together beforehand at the Railway station, our praise and prayer meeting grew louder and louder like the cheer leading before a big High School football match. Singing well-known hymns, we marched down the Dakotan main street behind the cross. We stopped in front of a bar where we knew a group of men spent most of their time drinking.

Dakota Language

After a few whites in the meeting had spoken in English, our Sioux native brothers then added their own special contribution in their own tongue. When they started singing and shouting out Bible verses in Dakotan, things really began to happen. The customers, many recalling childhood memories of revival meetings like these on the reservations, tumbled out into the street! At the exact moment our visiting Executive Director who was a tall, very proper Easterner began to speak, two drunks started to brawl at his side. One man fell at the Director's feet from the doorway, but he bravely continued his testimony.

Crucifixion Picture Speaks

On another evening in front of the bar, Captain Laverne Lapoint, who was leading the meeting, asked me to share a few thoughts with the crowd. As I came to speak, he noticed a picture of the Crucifixion in my hand. He asked me to show it to the people listening, including those in the bar. I pressed the picture against the bar window with astonishing results. Jesus said, "If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me." On the main street of Rapid City that day this literally came true as crowds rushed out on to the sidewalk to hear what we were saying about Him.

"Sioux Natives Witness"
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