Sioux Native Recruits
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Sioux Native Recruits
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Sister Daisy Kitchens

The End of the TrailSister Daisy Kitchens established the work in Rapid City and Church Army sent me to do the recruiting. "Recruit only chief material" was the bishop's stern command. I traveled the dusty roads from one reservation to another for seven months. I enlisted eight Sioux native recruits who were all married men with large families, who were interested in joining up. Their response thrilled me. When our New York Headquarters heard all about it, they hurriedly sent a telegram saying, "Please, no more Sioux native recruits for now!" The mammoth medical costs for wives with sometimes seven or eight children worried them! There were other considerations of a different kind on the Sioux side too. I wanted to send application forms in right away. Our new recruits however were not about to sign another white man's treaty, until they were sure we were not forked-tongue Christians. They had been tricked so often before.✞

"Sioux Native Recruits"
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