Sioux Native Brothers
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Sioux Native Brothers
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Sister Daisy Kitchens

Sioux DancerDaisy could do her work among the Sioux Native brothers because of a strange turn of events on another reservation. Sister Annie Horner, many years before, having completed a lifelong ministry in England, she had supposedly retired to Philadelphia, when God had awakened in her a new vision. She wanted so much to settle into the backwaters. God called her to pioneer missionary work among the Native people, who needed the Savior's love. Her remaining years she gladly devoted to this task. On her deathbed she expressed this hope, "If only we could train some young Sioux Native brothers and women as evangelists to their own people!" After her death, the bishop heard about Annie's last request and was deeply moved. The bishop contacted Church Army Headquarters who sent Sister Daisy Kitchens. Her aggressive brand of evangelism was well known.

"Sioux Native Brothers"
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