Mexican Social
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Mexican Social
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Gospel Opportunity

Outdoor Movie ShowingIt was a clear summer evening as the movie flickered on to our big outdoor screen. I casually suggested to a social worker, "Why don't we end with a few Gospel songs?" His face lengthened in astonishment then he retorted fearfully, "Whatever would the camp manager say? We would offend these people if we even mention religion!" Disgusted, I turned sharply away to where a group of Mexicans was standing.✞

Speak about Jesus

As the lights flickered off at the end of the film, a hubbub of conversation swelled up. A Mexican approached from out of the crowd. In broken English he suggested kindly, "Someone ought to sing some Gospel songs and speak with us about Jesus!" The social worker's mouth dropped open! That was it. He could hardly refuse such a compelling invitation! The Mexican community encouraged our evangelism but had many other social needs then which we wanted to alleviate. One of these was holidays for their young people.✞

"Mexican Social"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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