Jesus Saves Soles
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Jesus Saves Soles
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Child's Game Writing

Soles of ShoeSuddenly this lady, forgetful of her prim and properness, sprang like a grasshopper from her chair and crawled on all fours across the carpet to where I sat! "Whatever has come over her?" I puzzled. For an embarrassing moment, silence descended upon us both as she carefully read what remained of the message on the sole of my shoe. The real meaning of her actions had not dawned upon me.

Jesus Saves

Laughing JesusThen, looking up into my eyes, she suddenly asked "Jesus Saves?" Realizing in a flash what she had seen, I replied, "He does, you know!" We laughed heartily and from that time on became the closest of friends, all because of the chalk text on the bottom of my shoe!✞

"Jesus Saves Soles"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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