Holy Spirit Blessing
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Holy Spirit Blessing
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Gift of Tongues

Laying on of HandsThe Lord had caught me in my own trap that night. I had always vowed that I would have nothing to do with this so-called "elitism of the Holy Spirit" without an Anglican priest being present. Yet here in Louis' sitting room was one challenging me now! Awakened I said, "I'm willing and open to any Holy Spirit blessing God might have for me." At this, the minister, Louis, his wife and children gathered around my chair and laid their hands upon my head to pray for me. Initially nothing happened until after an hour or two I felt my resistance melting and the fear ebbing away. From sheer joy, I praised God with an open heart in the Spirit. That night in Louis Weist's, God plucked my vocal chords to orchestrate a heavenly language of praise that seemed to refresh me to the core of my being.

God Can Bless Anytime

Praising HandsMy newly discovered Holy Spirit blessing remained with me although his gift of tongues ebbed away the next day. God taught me, a self-satisfied churchman as I was, a valuable lesson that night. He showed me that he could bless me anywhere and any time he chose, irrespective of the ministrations of the church. Later he gave me this gift of speaking in tongues again and then the continual glow of the Holy Spirit blessing.

"Holy Spirit Blessing"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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