Holy Spirit Gift
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Holy Spirit Gift
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Blessing of Tongues

Speaking in TonguesOur discussion ranged everywhere that night, including the Holy Spirit gift and the blessing of speaking in tongues. I felt so embarrassed whenever this was mentioned, however, that I changed the subject immediately! My plan was succeeding. Suddenly, the clergyman in the group rounded on me to ask pointedly, "Do you believe in the Holy Spirit gifts or not, Ray?" He waited intently for my answer one way or the other. Hoping to divert his attention yet again I tried another trick. "Sure," I said casually, and began to turn away. "Then what about asking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit yourself?" he responded.✞

I'm Too Proud!

Stunned by his directness, I garbled, "But it is not for me, I'm too proud!" In disbelief, he asked me to repeat what I had said. "I'm too proud," I answered, then "I want to know what my lips are saying!" "You say that you're too proud, Ray, but isn't that a terrible sin? You have been an evangelist all these years!"

"Holy Spirit Gift"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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