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Power House Church
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High Desert

High DesertGod empowered us by our oneness in Christ, and warmed us by the Holy Spirit's presence among us. We were soon established as St. Bartholomew's Church, a community of Jesus people. Like Jesus, I liked to disappear at times into the high desert. The Joshua trees froze like the leader of Israel with his javelin outstretched in victory. In the sandy sparseness up there, I imagined I was back in Galilee.

Flashback to Jesus

High Desert LandscapeAs the warm breeze wafted across the rocky landscape, my mind summoned up little flat roofed houses, with crowds milling around Jesus as he preached and healed the sick. During these excursions God was ministering to me personally and building me up for something even more wonderful. Its climax came one evening, when Louis Weist invited me to dinner at his home with a group of his friends, including an Episcopalian minister from Arsto.✞

"Power House Church"
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