Lompoc Church Revival
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Lompoc Church Revival
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Rocket Firing Vandenberg

Rocket Firing Vandenberg Air Force BaseA few days before Christmas, a clue appeared in the Lompoc Herald indicating a new plant was coming to Lompoc. A cartoon showed a jolly Santa Claus riding a gleaming missile toward the town with the greeting, "Merry Christmas to Lompoc." Later, the announcement came officially that the Vandenberg Base would be built there. New life and a Lompoc Episcopal Church revival was on its way! Optimism pervaded the whole church now. As if to herald the government's decision, the bishop announced that he would soon appoint a clergyman to the Parish. I would go to see Dean Drake about my next assignment.

Colton Revival

Railroad Crossing ColtonAfter talking about the San Bernardino area for sometime, Dean Drake mentioned how concerned he was for our little church in Colton, California. "Captain," he announced very soberly, "I want you to go there, ignite the fuse, and start a revival!" A puzzled look crept across my face. He added "You can do anything you wish! I am giving you a blank check! You can lead the revival any way the Holy Spirit leads you!"

"Lompoc Church Revival"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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