Lompoc Church Dinner
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Lompoc Church Dinner
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Railroad Crossing ColtonThis much vaunted Lompoc Church dinner for St. Mary's Vicarage was intended to be one of those grand occasions with all the trimmings. "The Episcopal Lompoc Church dinner will be absolutely free for everyone," insisted the fund raiser. "The cost will be borne out of church funds!"

Stubborn Refusal

Our ladies, however, stubbornly refused to sit by. They wanted to do all the cooking themselves but the fund raiser was adamant, "the church must pay for a caterer to do the Church Dinner." Deadlock! That following Sunday, a hushed congregation listened intently for the announcement about the dinner.

Deadlock over Funds

"The grand Episcopal Lompoc Church dinner," I proclaimed, "will be held next week through the kind donation of a certain Annie King of Kilkenny, Ireland. Everyone is invited, and it is free! The church funds will not be used!" After the service, the church buzzed. "Who is this Annie King?" everyone was asking. "Why is she paying the bill?"

A Kilkenny Gift

The sponsor of the Church dinner was a closely guarded secret. Only I and two others knew that this was my late mother, Annie King-Lewis, who had once lived in Southern Ireland. By donating this amount in her memory, our church was blessed and harmony was restored in our parish. Annie King's dinner aside, rumor had it that the Government was about to announce plans to build a missile site in Lompoc, bringing much needed employment to the area.

"Lompoc Church Dinner"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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