St.Mary's Vicarage Lompoc
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St.Mary's Vicarage Lompoc
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Wallpaper Sample Books

WallpapersOnly a few weeks after beginning at the church, tragedy struck in Lompoc. Loud cries summoned me from my bed in the middle of the night. "St. Mary's Vicarage Lompoc is on fire!" A group of us stood by helplessly watching the hungry flames consume the dry timber building. In the amber glow against the black of the night I picked out a friend's features. "It's not that bad," I said hopefully, "it's only something material." Awakened, the Church Warden, who happened to be standing directly behind me replied caustically "It's only material, but it took us twenty years to pay for it!" Soon afterwards, plans began to build a new Vicarage there. To help this effort, the parish committee decided, in its wisdom, to appoint a professional fund raising director. It was then that my troubles really began! Our youthful new director was full of bright ideas! One of his first was that we should find old wallpaper sample books and roughly tear out the leaves. Then as we handed these to our astonished neighbors we said, "We're tearing off the wallpaper to invite you to our church family dinner!"

"St. Mary's Vicarage Lompoc"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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