Camarillo Ground Breaking
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Camarillo Ground Breaking
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New Church Born

Orange GroveIt was raining heavily as the limousines arrived for the Camarillo ground breaking ceremony. Framed by orange and grapefruit groves, our four acres seemed like God's own plot, despite the driving rain. The boys in the choir in red cassocks and white surplices grimly hung onto their soggy prayer books in the downpour. The coloring oozed from the red covers between their fingers.

New Era Church

As the polished ceremonial spade cut into the sodden earth to mark the ground breaking, we all sensed the thrill of a new era in the life of the church. It seemed to slice all too easily, however the bank would not send out any money for the superstructure of the church until we could prove there was water on the site.

Drilling Water

Our first task after the ground breaking was the drilling of a well to prove a plentiful supply of clean potable water. This was our foremost and urgent priority. Day after day, the compressed air machine hissed and hammered relentlessly at the hard rock. Each anxious week passed without any news of a find. Then, at last, a telltale dark brown slither of sand appeared on the tempered steel drilling bit and as we watched, Camarillo clear water bubbled and gushed refreshingly forth. We were able to go ahead.

"Camarillo Ground Breaking"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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