Camarillo Funeral Hall
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Women's Thursday Club 62

I like Funerals

Funeral ParlourFew members of the congregation refused to attend our morning service because it was in the Camarillo Funeral Hall. On the other hand there was one lady who came to the service and seeing no coffin at the front rose to leave. A concerned usher gently stopped her at the door. "Aren't you able to stay for the service this morning, Madam?" he quietly asked. Her indignant rely, as she turned away, rocked him on his heels."I only like funerals!" she scowled. Despite this one quaint objector, our little funeral hall service grew apace, and the Bishop named us St. Columba's, after the great missionary saint. So many new folk brought behavioral problems. An older member admonished a newly confirmed one. "If you're an Episcopalian, act like one!"

Women's Thursday Club

After two full years of steady growth, our service was beginning to need larger premises. Mr. Griffin informed us that he was about to carpet the funeral hall and we had to move elsewhere, at least for a short time. We searched in vain for an alternative. Then, we heard that the "Women's Thursday Club" in the nearby town of Somis could help. Strange as it may seem, this move to their purpose-built hall increased the size of our congregation. Seeing our happy crowd going in to worship Sunday by Sunday, the people of Somis were themselves encouraged to come along and become members too. We had held our services in a beer parlor, the Camarillo funeral hall chapel of rest and now the Women's Thursday Club of another town. In less than a year, we were soon to begin work on our very own permanent church building.

"Camarillo Funeral Hall"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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