Elks Doctor Philosophy
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Elks Doctor Philosophy
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Brawley California

Brawley CaliforniaAs time passed, a few of the good men of the Elks Lodge became rooted in our little church in Brawley. By patient watering, the fellowship began to show signs of life. The Elks, like some other lodges in California, had the unusual power to confer honorary degrees on members of the community.

Doctor of Philosophy

Suddenly, one evening, they summoned me forward and with great ceremony presented me with a Brawley Elks Doctor of Philosophy degree for "Christian services" to the people of Brawley. It was a long, golden yellow, black and purple degree scarf. Later this silk apparel became a source of amusement when I showed it to some Church Army friends. "Your robe is marvelous! It's like a giant glistening butterfly's wing!"

"Elks Doctor Philosophy"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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