Brawley Church California
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Brawley Church California
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Great Blessings

Elks LodgeDave Bogna's transformation from despair to victorious Christian living reminded me of the transformation of the dry desert in California. It became a beautiful wide panorama of ripening grain and snowy cotton by the diversion of the Colorado River.

Abundant Life

His life, like that arid desert, had blossomed into abundant life. On first arriving in the Imperial Valley, Bishop Stevens had wisely warned me that the Brawley Church in California was likely to be arid and difficult at first. With patience and hard work, it could also yield a bountiful harvest. "Be faithful to your old-time Episcopalians," he had ordered, "but spread out into the community and win new converts. Plant the Brawley church on the Faith."

Boy Scout Outreach

That first Sunday, I walked through the doors of the Church to take my first morning service. At a glance, I realized the difficult task that lay before me. Beside a few women, and a small group of children, I was the only man in the building. The children were easily brought in by offering the use of our hall to four scout groups who were looking for premises. I encouraged regular church parades and had also built up an all boys Sunday School! It was rumored that the church only allowed lads to come! Soon the girls came calling too!

"Brawley Church California"
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