Kansas Church Rags
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Kansas Church Rags
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Colored Rags

Colored RagsSeven years later, I journeyed back to the place in Hayes in Kansas where I had first begun. There, fluttering on the posts and barbed wire fences, were the red, blue and yellow Kansas church rags I had tied when I first arrived. Tattered and faded, they still fluttered in the breeze, mementos of experiences and adventures. In the prairie lands, there are no street signs or trees for markers. A more methodical person might have counted the number of sections of farmland he had passed on the road.

Parish Note Book

My only way of remembering where people lived was to tie different pieces of colored cloth on their ranch fences. Blue meant "church" people. Red was for Roman Catholic and yellow indicated no church at all! My rainbow of rags could be another fellow's parish notebook!

Warm Hearted Kansas Folk

The friendly and warm-hearted Kansas folk were from many cultural backgrounds. I really hated leaving when the time eventually came. Easterners remarked to me cynically, "The people of Kansas have to be good because there's nothing else to do!" These folk inspired me more than ever before. I wanted to reach out in friendship to everyone I met, despite the many dusty miles that often lay between us.

"Kansas Church Rags"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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