Hutchinson Rough Boys
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Hutchinson Rough Boys
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Jesus Saves Badge

Jesus Saves BadgeOn one occasion, I took a boy with me on a shopping trip to Hutchinson, Kansas, known as "Hutch," naively assuming that he had overcome his temptation to steal. Everything was going well until the following day. Most of the Hutchinson rough boys sported three or four shiny "Jesus Saves" badges on their tee shirts. "Had some marvelous spiritual renewal taken place?" I puzzled. Then, the truth dawned!✞

Meissen Porcelain Trinket

Hutchinson KansasThese light fingered Hutchinson rough boys had stuffed handfuls of multicolor button badges into their pockets in the Bible shop and shared them out among the boys. After a scolding, we gathered them up and returned them with our apologies to the Bible bookstore.Meissen Porcelain TrinketAnother time, the Hutchinson rough boys went on a camping trip to Marx in Colorado and were invited to stop off for dinner in Denver. While the host was preparing the meal, we relaxed in a spacious and expensively furnished dining room displaying a collection of silver trophies. The Hutchinson rough boys curiously picked up the many fascinating porcelain trinkets that our host had gathered on her sightseeing trips to Europe.✞

Thief's Paradise

St FrancisA casual remark by one boy set all the alarm bells within me ringing! "Cap, this is a thief's paradise!" Fortunately, our bus driver Doyle Gates, also heard these words and together we steered everyone as discreetly as we could into another less vulnerable area. Many Hutchinson rough boys were really "rough stones" and found great difficulty speaking in St. Francis' Chapel. "Ray," I said once to a very solemn boy, "you read that service beautifully." "Read it," he replied with an expressionless gaze, "I know the thing by heart!"

"Hutchinson Rough Boys"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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