Steak Dinner
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T Bone Steak Dinner
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Childish Prank

Episcopal ChurchAs we drove up to Pratt Church, this reserved lady waited impatiently on the steps and pierced us with a furious stare. She sat in silence in the car, her face frozen in a marbled glaze. Escorting her to her door, I began to admonish her in a pastoral way for her harsh attitude. Suddenly, to my utter amazement, she lashed out at the top of her voice, "Don't talk to me, you liar! Fancy giving me a measly hamburger, while you were gorging yourselves in that ritzy restaurant on a T bone steak dinner and french-fried potatoes."

Childish Prank

As her door slammed behind me, her words rang in my ears, "T bone steak dinner and french-fried potatoes!" The others in the car grinned and repeated the words back to me. "T bone steak dinner and french-fried potatoes!" The mischievous boy, who made the announcement as he delivered the hamburger, later asked to be confirmed perhaps to make restitution for his prank!✞

"Steak Dinner"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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