Pratt Dinner
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Pratt Dinner
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Great Bend Kansas

St Rose of Lima R.C Church in Great Bend KansasI traveled many hundreds of miles for Sunday services, sometimes with a group of children along for the ride. One morning, I was talking to my organist on the church steps in Great Bend. That same afternoon, we traveled seventy miles to Pratt, with her daughter and two other children in tow. Nearby a lady in a large hat stood straining to hear our every word! She was "a character in town" and asked if she might ride along with us to Pratt where she had business.

Pratt Air Base

B-52 Aircraft at Burtonwood Air My only condition was that she arrange her own meal as we had been invited out to a farmhouse for dinner. We drove that day through rolling wheat fields and past Dutch barns. Large aircraft thundered overhead landing at the Air Base in Pratt. At the church, our lady friend with the large hat stepped out of the car, and after arranging to meet her later, we drove off to our prearranged dinner date.

"Pratt Dinner"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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